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This Must Mean I Watched Too Many Balloon Boy Videos Last Weekend

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Last weekend, I forced myself to stay home and relax since I feel like I am always on the go. I spent most of my time on the couch with my laptop catching up on this balloon boy madness.

But last night, I had the following dream (as vivid as it was, I will try to make sense of what I saw):

I was on my way to work, getting onto the highway on-ramp. But to the side of the on-ramp in the grassy area were about 9 or 10 crashed cars. I look ahead of me and slam on my brakes. There before me, was a giant black saucer-shaped balloon landing on the road, slightly deflated.

Next thing I know, I am out of my car and trying to make sense of the situation. Falcon’s dad is apparently “on the loose”, and dangerously armed. I talk to a couple men, I think they were authorities trying to find him. But we hear him coming, and I hide behind a tree.

I go from being outside, without my car and afraid of balloon boy’s dad, to going inside a building and on a film set. There is some movie being prepped, a film about Michael Buble. The actor playing Michael Buble is instructed to follow Michael and study his behavior. Even more, the director specifically instructs Michael and the actor to play in a preschool-looking classroom together.

Michael Buble begins playing with play-doh, and the actor does the same. Michael starts to form shapes, and then picks up a wooden-block toy. He gets the play-doh stuck inside the toy and gets frustrated, trying to clean it out.

Although it sounds silly (I mean the last half; the first half was just ridiculous), it made sense, even while I was dreaming, that the director would direct Buble and the actor to childplay. In the idea that an actor personifying a real-life person would follow and study the person’s behavior and personality, I think there is a lot to learn from watching how someone colors a book, plays with dough.

Anyways, to sum up my dream, I’ve pasted photos below of things that were somehow related to each other in this crazyland. How I got to Michael Buble and play-doh, I will never know.


Written by jennykwoo

October 21, 2009 at 4:21 am