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Razor Blonde

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That beautiful photo above is of Ryan May and Betsy Berger, following the wedding of the young couple that took place in Canada. Ryan, by the way, works for Lifeyo.com. Betsy is a college graduate who now spends her time with her new husband in Orange County while also working on the Ben Fong-Torres documentary.

I had to not only share this photo on my blog (talk about capturing a moment!), but also wanted to share Betsy’s new blog (made with Lifeyo), RazorBlonde!

Check out RazorBlonde.com, all about fashion with an edge!


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October 9, 2009 at 5:36 am

Bananas Going Extinct?

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By the look of the patterns and trends of plantations, genetics and technology, and viruses, are we headed toward a “Banana Apocalypse”?

For those of you anti-banana-arians (you don’t like the mushiness, the sound people make when eating it, being left with a floppy yellow peel…), this may not matter to you.

But either way, check out this site, ByeByeBananas.com for the latest articles and videos about bananas:

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October 3, 2009 at 6:10 am

Addicting Apps

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Below is a list of various apps I have downloaded or came across now (inspired by stumbling upon C64, the previous post on this blog before this one) that I find addicting. Enjoy!


When I first saw the above icon, I knew right away what this game was. So excited! It’s FREE, for a limited time, so get it on your iPhone/iPod Touch! This game brings me back to when I was playing old PC games on my dad’s computer, one being this similar box game. I just downloaded it and am looking forward to reliving childhood memories.


This game totally captures my attention when I need to kill time, until I run out of fuel. It is a racing game, but involves no actual gas-and-go, steer-and-turn racing. Instead, you choose a race to enter. It tells you if you won money or not. You collect money to buy car parts and new cars, to become eligible for races with larger loot. You can also buy property/businesses so when you’re not playing the game, you are gaining more money to spend later. Put it in the bank, join a crew with your friends, and race against other team of friends. It is addicting and so much fun for me because I enjoy watching numbers and counting money!


I grew up with an older brother who loved his video games. Ones he bought for me to play were Crash Bandicoot. I loved the adventures, the Mario-Kart-like racing games, the characters – it was all a lot of fun. Although I am cheap and love free things, I knew right away after buying the iPhone this year that I wanted Crash on my phone. After getting the hang of it, yes, it is fun stuff. It is now only $2.99.


A friend of mine told me about this app, something he designed for the creator of BombBlocks. After getting into it, it is another addicting and fun game. Reminds me of Tetris, but with blocks instead of lines.

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September 7, 2009 at 12:32 am

Can’t Have Enough of These Glasses!

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The Lifeyo glasses are goin’ around! Lifeyo.com launches September 9th.


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September 2, 2009 at 7:59 am

Cafe Du Monde

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I can’t talk about coffee houses and a coffee tour and not mention Cafe Du Monde. This was probably the number one place I ever had coffee.

Besides the fact that they are known for their long-standing coffee stand, chicory coffee, and beignets, they are located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. I remember that I chose to not drink coffee on this trip, but gave in when we got to New Orleans. I couldn’t resist. It was raining that day (also was the 2-year anniversary of Katrina). The seating area inside, under the roof, is also open to the outside street.

So we were seated under the roof, eating beignets and I was having a cup of black chicory coffee, and rain was wetting the streets near us and sliding down the roof. I don’t really know how to describe it that well. All I know is that with those donuts, coffee, the rain, the French Quarters, the liveliness of the people there, it was the ultimate coffee experience so far and I have been wanting to go back ever since to sit at Cafe Du Monde and drink a cup of coffee.

I recall a group of Du Monde employees gathering around some tables, looking like they were having the time of their lives. They were laughing, being so animated and jubilant, and dancing so merrily that for a second I felt like I was witnessing a celebration of family and good friends. It pretty well reflected the whole pleasant and sociable atmosphere we felt all around New Orleans. The energy was felt all around, at least in the downtown and French Quarters area. I can’t speak for outside the populated area, only that I knew not to venture out with the high crime rates and deserted areas.

I think I heard about Du Monde before, but didn’t realize really that I was at THE place. We were looking up places to eat at in New Orleans (Mother’s is another highly recommended place for sweet potato pie, po-boys, and gumbo), and I came across this Cafe Du Monde online. We had a taxi take us to Decatur (which wasn’t really that far at all from where we were staying). I wrongly pronounced it “Deck-etter” at first, which is probably why I remember what street Du Monde was on.

I think that’s about everything I remember. It’s been two years. All the places around Du Monde are also worth checking out, taking a walk in. I miss the southern riverfront jazz music. I will definitely go back someday, hopefully soon. 

The Original French Market Coffee Stand: see their web site here.

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July 19, 2009 at 7:31 am

My Sister Went To Bali And All I Got Was A Blog

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In the midst of this hot Californian summer, Sarah (my sister) and Mike went to East Asia for a couple weeks.

They set up a Lifeyo blog, Slow Hoof, to document and share their travels. But apparently they have been having too much fun that we only see one blog post! But they have posted many pictures already in the photos page! The two lucky ducks got amazing deals with Singapore Air, visited places like Singapore, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, and have been eating great food, meeting up with old friends, and getting to know new ones. Mike’s also been getting a lot of surfing in.



See the blog here: http://slowhoof.lifeyo.com/blog/

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July 15, 2009 at 1:03 am

Producing a DIY House Show – How To Work With Cords On Hard Floors

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An awesome band and good friends, Fairlane, are throwing an epic house show this weekend. This is as indie and low-budget as you get. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned some pretty useful DIY tips in rigging and hooking up everything in Dan’s living room.

Of course, even with low-key shows you do at home, you still want to approach it with a great amount of professionalism. Keep safety in mind, predict any kind of accident, think of traffic ways, and make sure you won’t blow out your breaker. Rooms in houses won’t have the kind of amperage and easy hookups as music venues would have.

One thing I’ll share in this post is how to work safely with cables running amok on wooden floors. Because this show is designed to not only put on a full performance for friends and family but also for our cameras for DVD recordings, we’ve got cables from lights as well as from the instruments and gears.

The room has a lot of white walls, so light easily bounces off. Luckily this enables us to work with just three lights in the front and one in the back, and Christmas lights around.

You’ve gotta always be careful with working on wood/wood-like floors. I’ve worked on many productions where the floors are too easily disregarded and end up getting ripped from the surface because of gaff tape.

Another important thing to worry about is amperage. In a house, you normally have about 1500 to 2000 amps. Check your breaker to see what your room can handle. I believe even with all our amps, monitors, lights, etc., we are under 1K amps.

The electrical items on the stage right run across the room to plug into outlets toward stage left. These items are a flood lamp, monitor, and a speaker. The photos below show the process of how to tape them down.


You definitely won’t want to put gaff tape over the cords right on the hard floors. That kind of tape is still strong enough to rip up the surface or cause splinters. To avoid this, place paper tape on the ground, underneath where the cords will be (and if needed, be sure to sweep up underneath before, since paper tape isn’t that sticky). Paper tape is very thin, thinner than masking tape, and can come in various colors. We had blue painter’s tape on hand, so I placed three long stripes of it straight across the room underneath where the cords would be lying.


I know this sounds anal, but you’ve gotta be OCD about these things, whether it’s a house show or a big theatre, to save you time later from worrying or having to re-tape things. You want to lay out your cords side-by-side, like in the photo, and make sure they’re not running on top of each other. Remember we’re just using tape here, so if it’s stepped on, you won’t want one cord being pressed onto another. Unless you have cable protectors, you’ll want to keep these side-by-side. MAKE SURE that you give enough slack at the ends. If someone steps on a cable at the end of your wonderful taped work, you want to make sure it won’t knock something over or unplug anything. Giving it slack for the cable to be rested on the floor up until it reaches the wall or electrical object will ensure even more safety.


Now I can lay down the gaffer’s tape over the paper tape and cables. Chose a 2-inch black, of course, to hide the blue and make it not so noticeable during the show. Before you lay down long strips of the black gaff, place short strips across the cables (leaving slack at the ends) first. This not only makes it easier to place down long horizontal strips, but this is also commonly done to avoid messy clean-up. If you only place horizontal long strips on the cables, imagine pulling up the cable during wrap-up and the tape getting wrapped around the cable, stuck to itself. It SUCKS to try to pull off. So this is a very necessary step especially for taping down just one cable (see below).



Now tape away with your long horizontal strips of black gaff! Not that important, but I just placed one long strip to cover the first half of cables, and then another long strip for the other half, and then did a couple more to cover the blue edges. See the end results below!






Cables safely taped down on hard floors


Cords are now safe and act as a divider between the stage and crowd
Cords are now safe and act as a divider between the “stage” and crowd



You would treat this the same as with doing multiple cords. One useful thing I’ve learned is to make an X with two short strips for a single cord, and then place the long horizontal strip over. Remember that ugly annoying thing I mentioned that happens when you have a long horizontal strip get stuck to itself around a cord? Making X’s will help avoid that and easier to clean up.





Now just tape down as usual!










Check out a couple more pics from our setup! The show will take place end of this week, so I will be sure to post up more pics and share some video from our awesome DIY house show!


You dont have to be a big signed touring band to have a lighting tech! Lights are hooked to household dimmers that someone will be dimming/switching on and off to synch lights with the music.

You don't have to be a big signed touring band to have a lighting tech! Lights are hooked to household dimmers that someone will be dimming/switching on and off to synch lights with the music.

Velcro is your best friend (along with gaff tape, rope, and clamps). If other things won't work, velcro can help rig or attach something, like this lamp to a small light stand. With a little screwing of a bolt to keep the lamp angle in place and some tight velcro wrapping, the lamp is now steady and ready.





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July 14, 2009 at 7:19 am