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LIFEYO Launched! Born 9-9-09, 6:00pm PST

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Over a day old, Lifeyo is slowly making its way over the internet. We are happy to finally release to the world our special product that has been worked on for a couple years.

What is Lifeyo? It is a website that lets you make websites! Even better, it’s free! Lifeyo believes that making a website shouldn’t be so hard or costly. I think if you were to imagine the simplest way you could make a website, that is what Lifeyo is. Featuring click-and-drag tools, easy photo uploading, professional templates, and unique photo galleries, anyone can be a web design pro from a elementary student to your grandmother. You can have a site with multiple pages, with a blog, share YouTube videos, and more.

Try it out! It’s so easy, it’s FREE, and it only takes a couple clicks to begin editing right away! Check out the videos I made at Lifeyo.com as well. Also check out http://coffee.lifeyo.com, a test site where I throw up some favorite Youtube videos. Enjoy!


Written by jennykwoo

September 11, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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