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Below is a list of various apps I have downloaded or came across now (inspired by stumbling upon C64, the previous post on this blog before this one) that I find addicting. Enjoy!


When I first saw the above icon, I knew right away what this game was. So excited! It’s FREE, for a limited time, so get it on your iPhone/iPod Touch! This game brings me back to when I was playing old PC games on my dad’s computer, one being this similar box game. I just downloaded it and am looking forward to reliving childhood memories.


This game totally captures my attention when I need to kill time, until I run out of fuel. It is a racing game, but involves no actual gas-and-go, steer-and-turn racing. Instead, you choose a race to enter. It tells you if you won money or not. You collect money to buy car parts and new cars, to become eligible for races with larger loot. You can also buy property/businesses so when you’re not playing the game, you are gaining more money to spend later. Put it in the bank, join a crew with your friends, and race against other team of friends. It is addicting and so much fun for me because I enjoy watching numbers and counting money!


I grew up with an older brother who loved his video games. Ones he bought for me to play were Crash Bandicoot. I loved the adventures, the Mario-Kart-like racing games, the characters – it was all a lot of fun. Although I am cheap and love free things, I knew right away after buying the iPhone this year that I wanted Crash on my phone. After getting the hang of it, yes, it is fun stuff. It is now only $2.99.


A friend of mine told me about this app, something he designed for the creator of BombBlocks. After getting into it, it is another addicting and fun game. Reminds me of Tetris, but with blocks instead of lines.


Written by jennykwoo

September 7, 2009 at 12:32 am

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  1. Brilliant article! I got an iPod for free the other day, has anyone else seen it?

    Rad Lutek

    October 11, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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