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Lifeyo.com, Launching September 9, 2009

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Remember the good ol’ days of Geocities, Angelfire, and Homestead, when people had their own homepages? Those days are a-comin’ back!

Lifeyo.com is launching next week, 09-09-09. It’s a website that lets you make websites. No coding required. It’s the answer to every business and hard-working/bored/creative individual that has needed a website but didn’t want to pay a few hundred dollars to pay for one. It’s the answer to people who wish to be able to edit their site quickly and by themselves.

Lifeyo.com features a WYSIWYG editor, click-and-drag photo/text/video objects, and a fool-proof site publishing. Forget FTP, hosting accounts, and servers. You can even pay an affordable year price to get your very own .com/.net/.org domain name!

Here is a photo below that gives a little hint to Lifeyo:

Check out Lifeyo.com and come back on the 9th to get your own free website.


Written by jennykwoo

September 1, 2009 at 8:03 am

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