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After working for a couple blog-based companies, I got into the practice of blogging. I mainly wanted to see what it was like to be doing something consistently, how to find something to always be able to talk about, and what it would do for me.

After starting a couple different blogs and deleting them, I started Woo Blog (now WooBlog.com). I recently have also started a couple others: GuessWhosForDinner.com and TakeOneTwenty.com.

Guess Who’s For Dinner is a site that my friend and I just started. We talked about doing a photoblog, so with the wonderful help of WordPress, we started this site. It’s a site where we share photos of faces we made out of food (tagline: “We make a face and eat it”).

Earlier this year, I bought the domain, TakeOneTwenty.com, in hopes to start making random 2-minute videos, interviewing local individuals and businesses. I didn’t have much time for that ultimately, and still had the domain. So I forwarded it to a Lifeyo page, and have turned it into another sort of WooBlog/photoblog site, featuring photos of photographers and artists. It’s a site where people can take a couple minutes to check something out online when they are bored, things I at least find worthwhile.

So there they are: Guess Who’s For Dinner and Take One Twenty. Lifeyo.com will be launching soon, September 9, 2009. With Lifeyo, you can make your own entire website without any knowledge of coding or design, for free. You can also have a blog on the site, easily share photos and videos, and much more. Check it out in September!


Written by jennykwoo

August 28, 2009 at 8:20 am

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