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“Shooting” A Film, In Both Senses of the Word

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When I was attending Academy of Art University, I had an editing teacher who told us a story about when he was shooting a project in New York.

He and a friend were in a public park, hoping that no one would catch them recording video for their movie, as they were without a permit. A police officer called them over, and they both knew instantly that they weren’t going to be able to film any longer. The officer asked them what they were doing, and they replied, “We’re just shooting.” The police officer gave a bewildered look and told them, “You can’t shoot here!” This went back and forth until the boys realized that the officer was thinking “shooting guns” instead of “shooting film”.

Anyways, that is the story that came across when I saw this photo in a blog, a 16mm pistol video camera (that’s 16mm “film”):

Chris Burns, of WorldFamousDesignJunkies.com, writes, “Today I’ve got to share with you the greatest video camera I have ever seen in the world, ever. It is the DORYU 2-16 pistol camera. It is 16mm, Japanese police-issue camera. I found one of these pictures through DenBompa with no info attached, so I had to do a little searching on my own (….)”

That’s gotta be the smallest film load ever! And with SLR lens? Literal point-and-shoot? I would love to see how you load this and what the footage looks like after! It looks like it must hold only about a minute or less of footage.

It’d be interesting to see someone build their own version of this. The closes to a gun-like point-and-shoot I can think of is the Bolex with a pistol grip or the K3.

Click here to read the entire post about the camera.


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August 14, 2009 at 4:27 am

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