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Coffee, The Way To My Heart

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It’s still puzzling to my mind, why people are such fanatics about coffee, people like me. I start loving everything coffee, like the smell, accessories, best places to sit to sip coffee, and coffee houses. One of my ultimate dream trips is a coffee house tour.

I started thinking about doing that trip just now, and remembered a unique coffee house I came across two years ago. Traveling on the road around the U.S., we came across Rembrandt’s Coffee House in Eagle, Idaho. The coffee house is a former church. I remember high ceilings, tall colorful windows, art on the walls, and many different places and types of places to sit. The whole room had the classic church shape, symmetrical with a large arch. There was a small stage for mic nights, they also did movie nights.

I googled this coffee shop and came across their website: http://www.rembrandtscoffeehouse.net/.

So if you’re ever around Eagle, check out Rembrandt’s.


Written by jennykwoo

July 19, 2009 at 7:11 am

Posted in Food and Drinks

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