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Have you heard of NOTCOT? It is a fantastic blog that people can offer submissions to. The blog is filled with square eye-candy images featuring unique concepts, products, designs, art, and much much more that gain the interests of numerous kinds of artists.

To be honest, I was just thinking a couple minutes ago why my submissions never make it live on NOTCOT.org. I had even been considering minutes ago about writing a mock blog post to list steps of what it took to be in NOTCOT’s favor (consisting but not limited to “impractical installations”, a so-easy-to-make website that the person who blogs on it must be an intellectual artist, plants and lawns in places where they don’t belong).

But to be fair, I have really only shared two. There was one I came across, a stop-motion video created by Brandon Goodwin  featuring Darren King, drummer of MuteMath (I’m a fan). The video consists of what looks like photo cut-outs of the characters that act out a cute scene of a boy and girl getting along, and a mean cowboy who goes after them. All this takes place in a house.

I thought, girl in cute dress, boy in fedora and the decades clothing, cute story, unique video concept taken to a new level, how can NOTCOT not post this?

So I admit, a few minutes ago, I thought that this second submission was a true sign of NOTCOT maybe just not being all that I had hoped. I came across another one of their postings which took me to a website that had a white background, simple and large clean text of two solid colors, and large images. I thought to myself, this is what it takes to be in the NOTCOT club. And I’m not in that club. I sent them a link to a YouTube video.

I scrolled down. I see a P.I.S.S. invention, a contraption that allows a guy to pee into what looks like leads into a watering can-like spout to feed plants. This is what they like, not a YouTube video featuring a drummer of a progressive rock band.

I scrolled down some more. And there it was, in its own box. Darren and girl dancing on a magazine, with my name underneath, and a caption with words I submitted:


So there it is. Does this make me officially part of the NOTCOT club? I feel like I have done a good deed. Whatever, it isn’t much, but I will always remember my first, just as I remember my first IMDb credit (I believe it had something to do with a project related to Lindsay Lohan’s dad ….). In any case, it is there, for NOTCOT readers to click on and also join in on the love for Darren … and girl.

So what does NOTCOT like? Apparently, drummers of progressive rock bands … and paper-cut music videos, very Gondry-esque … and P.I.S.S. contraptions. So it’s a whole variety, but the point is they catch your eye, whether with great interest or great doubt.

(Now why they didn’t take my first submission of amazing camera shots of Ken Block’s stunt driving and why they took a submission of a bad skateboard commercial, I’ll never know. It was Ken Block with Rob Dyrdek. Maybe it was the Dyrdek part that held the submission down.)


Written by jennykwoo

July 17, 2009 at 6:10 am

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