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Carpenter Bee

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This evil creature below attacked my friend and me yesterday just outside of Book Soup in Hollywood. It stayed on my shoulder to try to sting me and I waved it off, but it came back around, so we ran inside the bookstore flailing our arms above our heads. Quiet bookshoppers gave strange looks as we checked ourselves to make sure we didn’t get stung (I grew up allergic to stings and bites, so this reminded me of a couple not-so-fun experiences).

Only Audri had a good eye, I was too scared to look at this thing in the eyes. She described it as a mutated bumble bee that was dark with green wings. I tried finding the bug online, but no success. I thought maybe it was the metallic green bee? I sent Audri about four or five possible suspect images from Google to help narrow it down. She claimed it was the carpenter bee, as pictured. All I remember is that it was dark, and BIG, and really loud, like a wasp.

*Sigh* I forget the bee seasons in LA. Be careful of the bee swarms and also, remember to always look before opening your car door on the street. A mini cooper driver yesterday parked on Sunset Blvd and flung his door out which, of course, got completely smashed and shattered by another car driving by. Elder African-American man from New York saw the whole thing and went on about how people in LA will not survive in New York. “If they went to New York, they wouldn’t be comin’ back.” I could believe it.


Written by jennykwoo

July 13, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Posted in Note To Self

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