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Gotham Chopra shares about MJ

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Gotham Chopra (of Liquid Comics, and how I remember him and Laura Ling, a former Channel One news anchor) shared a touching and unheard posthumous story about Michael Jackson empathizing for Laura Ling and Euna Lee, two American journalists who were detained in North Korea and currently prisoned in a hard labor camp.

Understandable, as my heart seems to also go out to people who are away from their families, and to children who are away from their parents. Michael’s demise meant so much to many, but reading this article was the first time his death touched me in the past couple weeks. I feel for those who are without family, and also feel for those who know what I’m feeling.

Below is an excerpt from Chopra’s article, “Michael Jackson and Kim Jong Il”. Read the entire article here.

“The last time I spoke to my friend Michael Jackson was about a month ago, three weeks before his shocking death. He had called me late one night to ask about another of my close friends who he had read about in the news. Laura Ling, a former colleague and friend, was detained originally by North Korean border guards along with her colleague Euna Lee on March 17th. Since then, they have been imprisoned, had very little contact with their families or western officials …. Michael had read some of the details regarding Laura and Euna’s predicament. As was often the case with him and global events he read about – from famine in Africa to victims of natural disasters in far off countries, to orphans created by wars – he felt a deep sense of empathy for Laura and Euna. When I shared with him that Euna had a four-year-old daughter, he was even more anguished….”


Many thanks to Gotham for sharing this story.


Author and entrepreneur Gotham Chopra is a multi-media voice on issues of spirituality, culture, and news. Click on the image below to check out his blog at Intent.com.


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July 9, 2009 at 5:03 am

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