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1st Summer BBQ in Backyard

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Two forces combined (Anna and me) equal one large BBQ group!

Here is my notebook grill being started off for the evening! It was a good enough size for cooking some hotdogs for friends. I think I already mentioned the pro’s and con’s in an earlier post. But overall, I love it and think I should keep this in the back of my car for spontaneous road trips. Steinbeck had his coffee maker in his camper, and I’ll have my notebook grill. He’ll have his Charley, I’ll have my Stephen (DVX100B), in my cross-country road trip I’m still dreaming about.







The next photo is of a string of Flower Lights! The leaves come from pipal trees (renamed the “Buddha” tree, or “Bodhi”, “Enlightenment”). They’re never picked off, but rather only fallen off. The trees are also never cut down to make these Flower Lights. The maker of these lights claims that their “special treatment process strengthens the leaves so that they are durable and translucent”, dyed to give this beautiful red color. All I know is that they don’t turn brown and they self-“bloom”. The lights came packaged tightly, with the leaves closed up. Soon after putting them up in the backyard, they opened up! The leaves just need water sprayed on them every now and then.







So there it is! The notebook grill put into action. I also did receive those Victoria’s Secret heels in the mail and they fit fantastically. That’s for a later post. 🙂







the notebook grill, cleaned the next day and resting in the LA sun

the notebook grill, cleaned the next day and resting in the LA sun


Written by jennykwoo

July 2, 2009 at 1:59 am

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