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Official word on free upgrade to iphone 3gs eligibility

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Call “*NEW#” and a message will be sent to let you know if you are eligible. Mine said I may get an upgrade October 2010.


After going in circles in the past days with ATT and Apple, here is the official word:

If you’ve purchased an iPhone from an apple store from may 20 to June 20, you get a free upgrade to a cost equivalent iPhone 3GS. If you gave purchased from ATT store 30 days up to NOW, you preorder the 3GS and get the new phone free when its released on the 19th.

What this says for me:
I bought an 8gb iPhone on the 12th of May. Now if I bought that from ATT, I would get the new iPhone free and keep this one until it’s released if I preorder today (June 11) because it is within 30 days.

But I purchased from an Apple store, so unless I purchased 20th of May or later, my only choice is to return the phone NOW (return period extended to 30 days), go without a phone til 19th, lose my phone number, and face more charges.

In any case there may be a 10% restocking fee. For me, that’s just 10$ cause the retail price for the 8gb went down to 99$.


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June 12, 2009 at 1:20 am

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