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I think this photo below says a lot, shows a lot, and speaks a lot to me. This is a photo taken by Megan Thompson, who was documenting Blink 182 that night. From the past years of working concerts, music festivals, and tours, this picture reminds me of those still in-between moments of chillin, eating dinner, waiting for the show to begin as the fans arrive and fill up the venue.

Although probably just one of numerous photos taken without much thought, this shot greatly reflects the style I admire, the style I aim for, and am working towards in a video right now. It’s very candid, unplanned. You can’t see his face – not quite the choice for PR. It’s unsure if they have yet to load or have loaded in stage equipment. Looks like he is putting in his ear piece. But this moment is the kind of time I savor at shows. It’s the time when you almost see the artist as a co-worker, though a featured one, for a show you are working at. They are not your idols here, but people just doing their job, getting ready to do another show for fans who paid money to see them live. They are working individuals. They are professional and in all the right mentality to put on a good show. It’s funny to imagine the fun and excitement in performing live, but there is a much needed level of professionalism and experience that must come with it. And isn’t that what you’re paying money for?

Catch them when they may not even know they’re being caught. Observe parts of them that they don’t know are being observed: their hands, their feet, their glances. Up close or from far, you decide what you want the viewer to see. I see a moment that makes me feel nostalgic. How I miss it. But a third look at this photo is like the first look: you don’t see much. But there is a reason this photo was chosen along with some others to show a sequence of events in Mark Hoppus’s blog.

Thanks to Megan Thompson for the photos. I will definitely be referring to the photos as I work today as a reminder of the documentary, raw style that most appeals to me.

Megan Thompson Photography: http://www.meganthompsonphotography.com
Mark Hoppus blog: http://www.himynameismark.com


Written by jennykwoo

May 19, 2009 at 4:15 pm

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